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Research Activities

Digital technology, tele-medicine and artificial intelligence in ophthalmology: A global perspective
Keye | 2020-09-01
[Progress in Retinal and Eye Research]
Digital technology, tele-medicine and artificial intelligence
in ophthalmology:A global perspective
안과 분야의 디지털 기술, 원격 의료 및 인공지능 : 세계적인 관점
[카이안과 의료팀] 전소희 원장 
2020년, 전 세계 국가들이 COVID-19 대유행 기간 동안 봉쇄 및 완화 조치를 시작함에 따라 전 세계적으로 의료 서비스 제공에 큰 영향을 미쳤다. 이와 더불어 여러 디지털 및 통신 기술의 발달은 안과가 디지털 기술을 이용한 원격 진료라는 새로운 모델에 적응할 수 있는 전례 없는 기회를 만들었다. 이 리뷰에서는 전 세계 여러 국가에서 당뇨병성 망막증, 미숙아 망막병증, 나이관련 황반변성, 녹내장, 굴절 교정 이상, 백내장 및 기타 전안부 장애 등의 질환을 디지털 기술을 활용한 원격진료를 통해 어떻게 해결하였는지를 보여준다. 또한 각 국가에 안과 의사의 진단 및 치료 부분 등이 원격 의료 서비스에 적용될 수 있도록 기술을 개발하고 토론하는 디지털 전략에 대한 내용을 발표했다.

The simultaneous maturation of multiple digital and telecommunications technologies in 2020 has created an unprecedented opportunity for ophthalmology to adapt to new models of care using tele-health supported by digital innovations. These digital innovations include artificial intelligence (AI), 5th generation (5G) telecommunication networks and the Internet of Things (IoT), creating an inter-dependent ecosystem offering opportunities to develop new models of eye care addressing the challenges of COVID-19 and beyond. Ophthalmology has thrived in some of these areas partly due to its many image-based investigations. Tele-health and AI provide synchronous solutions to challenges facing ophthalmologists and healthcare providers worldwide. This article reviews how countries across the world have utilised these digital innovations to tackle diabetic retinopathy, retinopathy of prematurity, age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, refractive error correction, cataract and other anterior segment disorders. The review summarises the digital strategies that countries are developing and discusses technologies that may increasingly enter the clinical workflow and processes of ophthalmologists. Furthermore as countries around the world have initiated a series of escalating containment and mitigation measures during the COVID-19 pandemic, the delivery of eye care services globally has been significantly impacted. As ophthalmic services adapt and form a “new normal”, the rapid adoption of some of telehealth and digital innovation during the pandemic is also discussed. Finally, challenges for validation and clinical implementation are considered, as well as recommendations on future directions.



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