Surgical equipment
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High-tech equipment

Advanced Equipment for Femtosecond Laser-assisted Cataract Surgery,


It is the cutting-edge femtosecond laser equipment that adopts 3D augmented reality technology. Unlike other laser surgical equipment, it scans the cataract with its own sensor and reconstructs the image in 3D format, conducting surgery with appropriate amount of laser based on the cataract density, minimizing the corneal damage. With the fundamental correction of corneal astigmatism, astigmatism can be corrected while performing cataract surgery. 1:1 customized cataract surgery is performed with the function of detecting and correcting the shape and tilt of the cornea and lens.

High-tech Intelligent Ultrasound Equipment for Cataract Surgery,


Centurion, which is the only intelligent ultrasound equipment for cataract surgery in the world, is a model following Infinity that boasts high performance and stability among equipment for cataract surgery. The technology that detects intraocular pressure automatically and maintains it at a proper level during surgery is embedded to minimize the pain of a patient during surgery and maximize stability. Surgery time can be shortened further by optimizing the device that absorbs and removes lens.

High-tech Surgical Microscope,


This is the latest ophthalmic surgical microscope made by ZEISS, a German optical company with 170-year history, which is used for high-level ophthalmic surgery with excellent visibility. In particular, it can secure excellent vision field for ophthalmic surgery such as corneal transplantation, cataract, astigmatism correction and retinal surgery. Accuracy and safety can be improved in difficult cataract surgery with severe stiffening of the lens. In addition, it is equipped with retinal protection function, so retinal surgery can be performed safely and precisely. As the silt illumination is embedded for the first time in ophthalmic microscope, safe operation is possible by clearly distinguishing the surrounding structure during combined cataract surgery and peripheral retinal surgery.

High-tech Femtosecond Laser Equipment,


Laser beam of ALL New VISUMAX Laser is equipment for SMILE Lasik surgery, which is proven for its safety as it was approved by the US FDA and Europe CE. It uses accurate and low energy of less than 0.20 µJ, putting little shock on corneal tissue and smooth and flexible corneal surface can be formed with the same amount of energy irradiation. As a result, fast recovery is possible with little side effects such as light glare, clouding and increased sensitivity to light, correcting vision in a safer and excellent way.

Excimer Laser Equipment,

WaveLight® EX500

It is the latest equipment among Lasik/Lasek laser equipment. It has the fastest laser cutting speed, ultra-precision real-time corneal thickness measurement function and the fastest 6-dimensional eye tracker among the existing laser equipment, shortening the surgery time. Surgery can be performed simultaneously with wave front system. The surgical results of the EX500 was approved by the FDA and the vision correction range is not comparable to other types of laser equipment (up to -12 diopter for myopia and up to 6 diopter for astigmatism.)

High-tech Retinal Surgery Equipment,


The Constellation Vision System of Alcon is the most advanced vitrectomy equipment, characterized by maintaining intraocular pressure stably during surgery. It can also perform cataract surgery, as it provides functions for both cataract and retinal surgery.

Equipment for Conjunctival Release Procedure,


It is high frequency surgical equipment used for conjunctival release procedure. It has less bleeding than a knife incision, so clean surgery is possible. Therefore, it helps reduce the surgery time as vision is restored smoothly, reducing the surgery time. With high-frequency output, the damage to surrounding tissues is minimized and delicate and precise surgery is possible.

Argon Laser (Optimis_Fusion)

It is the latest laser equipment from Quantel, a French company. It is a laser for treatment to prevent retinal detachment that can be caused by peripheral retinal degeneration and retinal break. It is used not only for retinal treatment but also for glaucoma treatment and iris incision prior to intraocular lens implant. It is also used to treat late cataract that occurs after cataract surgery.

PDT Laser (Vitra PDT 532nm Green Laser)

It is a laser for treatment to prevent the progression of various retinal diseases such as retinal detachment and glaucoma. Unlike general laser treatment, Visudyne, which is a light-activated drug injected intravenously, is attached to abnormal blood vessel of the retina and choroid. In addition, only abnormal blood vessels are solidified without damaging adjacent normal retina upon irradiating laser adjusted for wavelength. This treatment aims to reduce the frequency of complete vision loss rather than to improve vision and to stabilize the lesion by preventing the progression of retinal lesions.

Laser for Dry Eye Treatment, Veloce BB Laser

This is laser equipment to treat dry eyes. High energy can be delivered with less pain with energy sapphire cooling function. Compared with existing IPL equipment, pain is minimized and accurate amount of energy necessary for treatment is delivered in stable pulse with high density, improving the safety. It is equipment for dry eye treatment based on the need of a patient using laser of two wave lengths: 590mm & 800mm.

Laser for Dry Eye Treatment, M22

M22 IPL laser used for dry eye treatment converts short-wavelength light energy of 590nm into thermal energy to melt and help release of hardened oil of meibomian gland and relieves dryness by improving vascular function.

High-frequency Laser, PELLEVE

It is high-frequency laser equipment, which melts hardened oil gland by increasing temperature of eyelids using high-frequency from skin epidermis to the dermis layer.

High-pressure & Steam Sterilizer Hansung HTA-30V / HTA-50

It is medical equipment used to remove pathogens and microorganisms in various tools using high pressure and high temperature steam..

EO Gas Sterilizer, HTE-30EO

It is a vacuum sterilizer that sterilizes by pushing high-pressure steam through a vacuum pump.

High-pressure & Steam Sterilizer,STATIM 2000 / STATIM 5000

It is a vacuum sterilizer that sterilizes by pushing high-pressure steam through a vacuum pump.

Medical Drug Refrigerator,Chang Shin Tech CS 150-P

A refrigerator dedicated to preserving blood, drugs (reagents) and biological products safely.

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